Neerja Bhanot has become well known for her bravery thanks to the new movie Neerja, starring Sonam Kapoor, but did you know she was a well known ad model?  During the 80s she was in some of the most popular print ad campaigns in India.  You might have seen them, and now you know who that famous model was.  Check out some of her ads below. (Photo Credits: facebook/Akhil Bhanot)

NeerjaBhanot 1

NeerjaBhanot 2

NeerjaBhanot 3

NeerjaBhanot 4

NeerjaBhanot 5

NeerjaBhanot 6

NeerjaBhanot 7

NeerjaBhanot 8

NeerjaBhanot 9

NeerjaBhanot 10

NeerjaBhanot 11

NeerjaBhanot 12

NeerjaBhanot 13

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NeerjaBhanot 15

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NeerjaBhanot 17

NeerjaBhanot 18