Racism resources in Canada

As we get closer to March 19th for our Raise Your Hands Against Racism events, we’ve been asked what resources or information is there about racism in Canada?

Since 2002, BC has spent over $9.1 Million on funding different programs and initiatives promoting multiculturalism, addressing racism, and building inclusive communities in BC.  So where does all of this money go?  Here are some resources and web sites to help you.

Canada’s Action Plan Against Racism

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CARAP is a good place to start on what Canada has been up to to combat racism and build a more inclusive community environment in Canada.


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What are your rights when it comes to racism? What do you, as an employer, if racism occurs in your workplace? Here’s a website with the info you need.


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This is a great resource of how you can get involved in the movement to end racism


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BC welcomes over 40,000 immigrants each year, making it one of the most ethnically diverse province in Canada.  Here’s what the BC Government is doing to make BC more inclusive.

Don’t forget to take a selfie with your hand raised to show your support to stop Racism.  Here’s how to do it.