South Asian Marketing from the Ground Up

You’ve made the decision. You want to market to South Asians. But how and where do you begin? As Canada’s largest visible minority, South Asians are young and educated. They also have more children on average, which makes them great for businesses targeting families. To make this growing demographic a part of your growth strategy, there are a few points you need to consider

1. Decide on your market

Are you targeting Canadian-born South Asians—or those who have recently arrived? For those targeting new arrivals, it’s important to understand that basic necessities are a top priority for many new immigrants as they settle down. Along with food and shelter, they will be looking for the services they need to function normally—this will include things like banking products, insurance, transportation. And while South Asians start their news lives fairly economically, they tend to quickly establish stability and financial security. Those who reach out to new arrivals will have a ground-floor advantage in establishing a long and loyal relationship.

2. Advertise in language

English is a presence in most South Asian countries, but newcomers may still find the language challenging initially. Advertising in language is a great way to reach these people. Even 34% of South Asians already living in Canada say that in-language advertising is more meaningful to them. Advertising in language is a great opportunity to build a wider reach with audiences that are looking for messages that are tailored to them.

3. Connect culturally

Making an impact takes creativity and understanding. This is relevant no matter who the intended audience is. It’s important to work with an advertiser that really understands this niche and has the ability to put together messages that are authentic and natural. Try to target media companies that have been in Vancouver a long time—and have proven record of executing successful campaigns.

Understanding how to address South Asian newcomers and connecting with their needs is vital to unlocking this market as a source of growth. Throw an impactful message that appeals to the audience into the mix,  and you’ll be well on your way.

If you want to learn more about the South Asian community, why not download our white paper “Why South Asians are the new Mainstream” to learn how you can communicate with this vibrant community.