VPD has a few safety tips for Pokemon Go Players

The VPD has issues a statement about Pokemon Go.  That’s right, the game that hasn’t been released in Canada, but […]


Anil Kapoor in cartoon form

Anil Kapoor in cartoon form
Bollywood Star Anil Kapoor will be making a appearance in the season finale of “Family Guy”.

He […]


Racism resources in Canada

Racism resources in Canada
As we get closer to March 19th for our Raise Your Hands Against Racism events, we’ve been […]


Did you know Neerja Bhanot was also a model?

Neerja Bhanot has become well known for her bravery thanks to the new movie Neerja, starring Sonam Kapoor, but did […]


Clay Imoo raps with the Vancouver Canucks

Creator of Canucks Parody songs and contributor at Canucks Hockey Blog and Vancity Buzz, Clay Imoo sits with Ronil Desai […]