Natasha Mendes

Host & Co-Producer - The Morning Buzz

Natasha’s broadcast spans over 20 years with a global experience in Dubai, India, Hong Kong, and now, here in Vancouver! Natasha has a varied portfolio that showcases roles as on-air anchor, producer, voice-over artist and on a side note, a die hard foodie with her IG that showcases the foods from her wanderlust travel diaries including delicacies that only the bravest have tried!

Natasha currently hosts the 3 to 5 pm request show on Radio Rim Jhim, Monday to Friday, a show that is live and action-packed with requests for music from the golden yesteryears and a good dose of the latest from Bollywood! Tune in to the classics with Natasha as she digs into Radio Rim Jhim’s treasure trove of LP’s, EP’s, and the rich library of hidden gems of music and finds them for you!