Noni Kaur

Host Radio Rim Jhim

Born in the Royal City of Patiala. Bachelors in Hindi and Punjabi Literatures, Masters in Music Vocal. She won Group singing competitions at All India Level. She participated in National Yoga Championships in India and started her career as Yoga Instructor at Punjabi University, Patiala.

Noni has been in the middle of all the action in Mumbai for thirteen years. She has been actively involved with theatres. Most noteworthy is her involvement with Ekjute and IPTA, Mumbai She has directed, produced, and acted in numerous TV productions. Her target is to aware her viewers of Health issues through her short films. She wrote and directed short films 5 Minutes, Aa Ke Teri Bahon Mein, Pukare Angna, and “The Virus”.

Noni Kaur is an announcer for YVR International Airport for a decade. “Preeto Mann Vi Ja” stage play was her first production in Canada. Her dream is to preserve our rich cultural heritage and connect our coming generations to our language and art.

She is currently working as a Physiotherapy and Recreation Therapy Assistant for a Long Term Care New Vista Society.
She is Radio Host on Radio Rim Jhim for more than a decade where she hosts Hindi and Punjabi programs such as Jag Jeyondeyan De Mele, Punjabi Farmayashi Geet, and Khushbu.