Vito Bruno

Host - Italian Show - Imagine Italia

I was born in Bitritto (Bari, Italy) on April 2, 1954. In December 1972 I moved to Canada after graduating highschool. In 1977, I entered the broadcasting field starting in Radio and then in 1987 adding TV which both continues to this day.

I was and still am a promoter of fundraising for solidarity work through telethons, radiothons and events, such as the complete reconstruction of the nursery school in Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi (Avellino, Italy) following the Irpinia earthquake, the “SOS Guatemala-Vancouver Responds ”for the construction of the Tecun-Uman migrant’s home (Guatemala-Mexico border), the contribution to transport facilitation for the residents of the Villa Carital infirmary in Vancouver, and the numerous campaigns in favor of BC’s Children’s Hospital.

From 1994-2000 and from 2018 to present, a director of the ICCS (Italian Cultural Center Society).

From 2001 to present, I am president of the Apulian Cultural Association of the B.C.

From 2005 to present, I was elected Councilor of the Puglia region to be part of the General Council of the Apulians in the World.

From 2008 to present, the president of the Apulian Federation of Western Canada.

I was a member of COMITES (Comitato degli Italiani nel Mondo – Committee of Italians in the world) for 6 years.